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Are you and your family looking for a good dentist near Almora, IL? William J. Holevas D.D.S. is accepting new patients. The friendly staff at our family dental office is well-trained and experienced, so that they can handle all your dental needs. Our office has a warm and welcoming feeling that is soothing for all of our patients, and we are proud of the life-long relationships we have with our clientele. For the best general dentistry practice in the area, you can rely on William J. Holevas D.D.S.

When you and your family come into our practice for general dentistry, you can be sure that everyone’s wellbeing is our top priority. Our team understands that many patients become restless and have anxiety about visiting the dentist. Regardless of a patient’s age or the reason they need a dentist, many people put off scheduling an appointment. We understand this hesitation, so our superb staff does what they can to make you feel comfortable during your visit to our office. We’ll make sure that everyone is comfortable and that you receive the best care possible.

We look forward to seeing you.

Family Dentistry

We offer both general dental and family dentistry services for residents of Almora, IL. We strive to provide the dental care possible and provide various services to accommodate the needs of our patients. Because it’s common for children to be nervous about their visit, our team is trained and experienced in providing an exceptional comfort level to those who worry.

We provide a wide range of general dentistry services, and the most common procedures include:

  • Teeth cleaning – Visiting your dentist twice a year for teeth cleaning is essential for your oral health. Routine cleanings will eliminate plaque buildup, and they can detect early signs of any other problems.
  • Tooth extraction – Teeth will get removed for many different reasons. It could be that you have crowded teeth, or a tooth is too damaged or decayed to repair.
  • Root Canals – The purpose of a root canal is to save a tooth that is decayed. When the pulp (a composition of nerves and blood vessels) is infected, you’ll need a root canal. A root canal consists of removing the pulp from the inside of your tooth and cleaning it before it’s sealed off.
  • Halitosis Diagnosis and Treatment – Halitosis can be caused by diet, dry mouth, poor dental hygiene, or other health problems. At the office of William J. Holevas D.D.S. LTD, we can come up with a treatment plan for halitosis.
  • TMJ Treatment – The most common issues with TMJ are jaw popping, irregular jaw function, aches in your neck, shoulders, and back, strain in the ears and face, and headaches.
  • Lumineers/Porcelain Veneers – The veneers we use are an excellent choice for patients with chips, cracks, gaps, mild misalignment, or worn tooth enamel.
  • Porcelain crowns – Dental crowns are for root canal treatments, invasive cavities, failed fillings, cosmetic issues, and cracked or chipped teeth. Porcelain crowns look like your natural teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening – Even when you brush and floss regularly, your teeth become stained over time. Food and drink can take a toll on the whiteness of your teeth. Our staff practices easy, successful teeth whitening treatments so that you can get a whiter and more brilliant smile. We use specific teeth bleaching methods based on each patient’s schedule and preferences.
  • Periodontal Laser Dentistry – For periodontal (gum) related issues, periodontal laser treatment targets bacteria and infected tissue without damaging healthy tissue. For more details, call our office today.

This is just a small summary of the extensive general dentistry services we provide. No matter the dental issue, minor or emergency, Dr. Holevas has the expertise you need.

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If you’re a resident of Almora, IL, and need a family dental office, look to William J. Holevas D.D.S. LTD. Come pay us a visit for general and family dentistry today.

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