“In the fall of 2008 I went to Dr. Holevas’s office for a dental visit. I found out that I had periodontal disease. Dr. Holevas informed me that he could get my gums back to healthy but it would take several treatments. Well, I have pretty much completed all my treatments and I am happy to say my gums are healthy again. I can not say enough about Dr. Holevas and his staff. I feel like they are family. They cheered me on every step of the way. I felt like a football player running a touchdown and Dr. Holevas & staff were on the sidelines cheering me on! The support at this office is phenomenal.”

Allyce A. Cobb

“I wanted to thank you again for your generous dental care on my behalf. Your entire staff certainly lives up to your motto of providing an exceptional and comfortable dental experience. From the time I walk into your clean, relaxing reception room until I leave to return home, my total experience is outstanding. Yesterday, the easy courtesy extended by each staff member was friendly yet professional, the kind of warmth you only receive from people who love and live their profession. And it’s always this way. The office protocols and procedures move along efficiently and are well-honed.

The dental technicians are very skilled at their jobs. Yesterday I was served by Barbara. I think I have seen all of the hygienists at one time or another. Each one is highly capable and gentle. I appreciate the attention to detail, the oral cancer prescreening, the careful updating of medical history and the thorough pre examination. Teeth cleaning can be an uncomfortable and stress-producing procedure; they all are so gentle that I am able to relax. They ask for frequent feedback which helps a patient feel that they are collaborating in the process.

Dr. Holevas, I also appreciate the educational approach you take as well as that of your staff. It is calming for me to know what to expect during dental procedures and also how I can contribute to my own wellness once I leave the office. This empowers me as a patient to take part in the process and to feel motivated to take responsibility for my own dental health.

As I leave, your office, staff is courteous and respectful. My experience at your office has always exceeded my expectations. My only regret is that I haven’t told you sooner! Thank you so very much, I certainly appreciate all that you do.”

Mary Mazzeri

“I wanted to thank you for your excellent care and genuine concern during my extensive procedure. It was worth every minute. You’re the Best. I love my new smile.”

Heda Palmer

“Thank you for my beautiful “New Smile.” Without you it wouldn’t be possible.”

Lillian Rusin

“I want to thank you and your office staff for your many years of dedicated service. Also, for the superior work done on our teeth. I will always recommend you to anyone in need of a caring, painless preventative dentist.”

Judy Dees

“Dear Dr. Holevas and the whole team,

Thank you all.
For the pain free dentistry.
For the wonderful attitudes.
For the patience in scheduling.
For the detailed explanations.
For the gentle care.
For the genuine conversations.”

William S. Peterson

“Thank you so very much for the kindness and courtesy extended to me to create my “New Smile” Thank you for all the attention to details as you and Graziela were working on my teeth last Friday. Each of you is so considerate and concerned about my comfort. And lastly thank you for “well being check” call, as well as the one from Graziela last Friday evening.”

Jane Craig

“Dr. Holevas you have an extraordinary desire to provide your patients with the very best of care. You are always learning and educating me to take care of my total health not just my teeth. Since I had the treatment for my gum infection with the dental laser, I noticed a significant difference, not only in my mouth but also in my over all health.

Treatment is very comfortable and very effective. I no longer have any sign of bleeding in my gums. I am also able to manage my blood sugar levels much better. I know, I have a healthy mouth and it will have a positive effect on my over all health. Thank you for everything you do.”

Tony Nowobilski

“Thank you for all the dental work you have done for me. You have made many crowns and for one crown, you needed to do a procedure called crown lengthening, which sounded pretty uncomfortable. But you used the soft tissue laser to do it. There was no bleeding and no pain. I was very impressed to see how quickly and well it healed. The crown fits very well. I was able to go home and enjoy my evening. Thank you for all the years of great service.”

Warren Krup

“I’ve been seeing my dentist for years and when I asked about all the bleeding in my mouth my dentist and hygienist then gave me a special rinse. I still had bleeding in my mouth. So my friend told me I should come and see her dentist, because she was told by you that bleeding isn’t healthy. When I visited you, I learned I had periodontal disease. I was so surprised because this was the first time I was hearing this. After a number of periodontal therapies with the soft-tissue laser, I have no more bleeding in my mouth. My mouth has never felt better. I also learned from you and Debby that all the bleeding in my mouth was a result of the bacteria sitting in my mouth too long and it is the same bacteria that runs through my bloodstream that can affect other areas of my body. I am so glad I have a dentist now who really understands the health of my mouth. You are very knowledgeable with how the health of my mouth can also affect the rest of my body. Thank you for staying current in your field. It is very rewarding to have a dentist who continues his education.”

Rhonda Turner

“I appreciate the special attention of insuring I was comfortable in my surroundings. You have a very comfortable office and the staff makes it even more so with their sincere care for me as a patient.

My husband told me how special your office was, but I didn’t believe him when he was talking. He finally said, “you just wait” you will see what I mean after your appointment. He was right. I have never experienced such a quality experience like this before in any dental office. Thank you for being so thoughtful.”

Kathy Canedo

“Thank you Dr. Holevas for being my dentist. I appreciate the time you take to explain everything to me and your focus on my comfort. I always feel very cared for at all of my visits. You have a very genuine and professional staff that is very knowledgeable. I am very fortunate to have you as my dentist. Thank you for everything you do for me and my family.”

Sherry Lydon

“I didn’t realize what difference quality dentistry could make to the health of my teeth and gums until I met Dr. Holevas.

I had been seeing the same dentist for more than 20 years, but I was having so many problems — crowns that had to be replaced multiple times, root canals, and periodontal problems. I’d have the crowns done, then a root canal would be needed, crown re-done –and the problems persisted.

I was frustrated because I was so careful about cleaning my teeth properly, and nothing seemed to help. I was told I would need to see a periodontist, and have root scaling and planing for my entire mouth.

While getting a root canal done I met an endodontist who I really respected. I asked her for a referral for a general dentist. I was referred to the same dentist she uses – Dr. Holevas.

It was miraculous-after he replaced the crowns the periodontal problems went away. He explained that properly fitting the crowns, not having gaps on the sides or other problems helped to prevent periodontal disease because food wouldn’t’ get stuck in the gums so easily. I didn’t need any special procedures – just crowns that fit right to solve my problems. I was amazed.

And the bonus is Dr. Holevas knows how to make the shots practically painless. – plus the temporary crowns that his assistant, Gratzie, makes rivals the quality of any lab – they’re terrific –no one will notice a thing.

I have been so impressed with the way Dr. Holevas runs his practice. They are a great team — everyone who works there is incredibly polite, kind, and friendly – and sensitive to your comfort.

The office runs like a well-oiled machine. I’m always amazed at how well they work together – like when they chart your teeth. Every six months when you come in for an exam they record the gum health on every tooth so they can track what is going on; but it only takes them a few minutes because they work so well together.

That is just one example of the protocols that I’ve noticed. You can tell they really care about providing outstanding care. It’s the little things, like when they have you put on glasses to protect your eyes while working on your mouth.

Over the past two years I’ve seen several things added to their standard care. Now they take your blood pressure when you come in. For periodic exams, they also check the glands in your neck for lumps and bumps. They check the lips, mouth, the sides of cheeks, over and under the tongue – and it’s not just perfunctory – they actually notice things that are different. Sometimes I don’t say anything just to see if they notice – and they do! I’m impressed by that because it shows that they are continually improving the care they deliver. Everyone is well-trained and professional.

They don’t have to do all that stuff. A dentist can run his practice anyway he wants to. There’s no one watching what’s done. Dr. Holevas doesn’t have to follow the latest research and implement best practices, he doesn’t have to change their procedures to add new things or improve care –

Dr. Holevas doesn’t have anyone to answer to except his patients and his own conscience. But I think he takes that seriously, so he continually improves the care. I’m sure it requires a lot of effort and discipline to stick with it. Dr. Holevas does it because he cares about being a great dentist. And he is!”

Brenda Hill