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Are you in need of dental care, but uncertain how to find a great dentist? Would you like to improve your appearance, but are nervous about discussing what you truly want? Do you wish you could find a dentist that you could trust in Elgin, Illinois?

As a dentist, Dr. Holevas understands how important it is that you feel comfortable with him and his staff, as well as the dental procedures themselves. He has purposefully created his practice to support honest communication in a relaxed and open environment.

The team at our dental clinic in Elgin wants to get to know you. We want to know how you feel concerning your smile, your dental health or any dental procedure that you need to have done. We believe that the dentist/patient relationship should be built on trust.

“It’s important to me that people feel comfortable enough to share how they feel about their dental health and their appearance. I want them to know that I will be sensitive to any uneasiness that they have, and offer them support and guidance on their way to a brilliant smile.” – Dr. Holevas


Dr. Holevas possesses extensive experience and knowledge in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, laser treatment for periodontal disease and new advances in sleep apnea. He is dedicated to using dentistry to improve your overall health and quality of life. He applies this knowledge and experience with each patient according to their specific situation and comfort level, bringing them new smiles so that they can feel great and have a better life.


All dentists must complete four years for an undergraduate degree and an additional four years to earn their dental degree. This, however, is only the beginning of their journey! What choices they make after graduation determines the real competency of your dentist.

Northwestern Graduate 1985. 

Continuous training and member of the most respected dental institutions and academies,  The Pankey Dental Institute, Spears Dental Institute,  Nash Dental Institute, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Laser Dentistry, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.  Founding member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health,   Previous adjunct mentor for The Cosmetic Nash Institute.

Born and Lifetime resident of Elgin.

Proof in Pictures

When interviewing a new dentist, look for advanced, hands-on training courses, and any continuing education that they have completed in their career. Dr. Holevas has spent over 30 years taking primarily hands-on advanced care training. His post-graduate study covers all of your dental needs including anything from making fillings look like natural enamel to replacing missing teeth with dental implants. We are ready to help you –whatever your needs!

It is vitally important to see proof in pictures of your dentist’s skill. Anyone can show you before-and-after photographs. To get all of the information, ask your potential dentist to show you pictures of his/her work and tell you the stories behind them. All of the pictures in our photo books, our photo gallery and on the walls of our office are our patients. We want you to feel completely comfortable with Dr. Holevas’s experience and invite you to ask about any of the pictures we show you.

The opportunity to improve your smile and your life with cosmetic dentistry is virtually limitless today. Along with white fillings and crowns for natural-looking restorations, there are teeth whitening, bonding, and porcelain veneers as well. If you feel like it’s time to finally pay attention to your smile, take the first step to prioritize your oral health. For a new smile that will make you feel great and have a better life, call Dr. Holevas and reserve your appointment now.

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