Diabetes Dental Care

Diabetes can cause a variety of issues with your oral health. In fact, poor oral hygiene could also be a risk factor for diabetes, based on the latest clinical research. Serious gum disease could affect blood glucose control. It is unfortunate but true, that diabetes and dentistry go hand in hand, just like oral health and many other systemic diseases.

If you have diabetes, you may experience symptoms including dry mouth, gum disease and periodontitis, thrush, or even fungal infections. Dr. Holevas uses his wide knowledge base on the oral systemic link to help you manage the oral complications of this disease the best way possible. Visit our office in Elgin, IL, to ensure that your diabetes doesn’t put you at risk for losing your teeth.

Below is more information about some of the symptoms that could be complications of diabetes:

Dry Mouth

 Some diabetics have noted that their mouths feel dry. If this is the case, then the risk of cavities is definitely increased. Normally, saliva washes over the teeth and neutralizes the pH. Without enough saliva in the mouth, sugar can remain on the teeth, and the pH can oftentimes be acidic, especially after eating and drinking. This allows the decay causing bacteria to thrive and develop cavities in the teeth.

Gum Disease

When you have diabetes, play close attention to your mouth! People with diabetes are more likely to have periodontal disease than people without diabetes, because diabetes impairs the immune system and healing response. Compared to non-diabetics with periodontal disease, diabetics are likely to lose more teeth. In fact, periodontal disease is the sixth leading complication of diabetes.

Research is also showing that periodontal disease can make it more difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar levels because periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease and chronic inflammation elevates blood sugar. Even on its own, gum disease is extremely unpleasant. You can have chronic bad breath, receding gum lines, and infected pus in pockets between your gums and teeth.

The other symptoms diabetics have are:

  • Problems tasting food.
  • Delayed wound healing.
  • Being susceptible to infections inside of your mouth.

At William J. Holevas D.D.S. LTD office, Dr. Holevas and his highly trained staff can treat your gum disease – but we would hate for your problems to become that serious. Instead, we encourage bi-annual  visits for cleaning and routine examination so you can maintain optimal oral health for life.

Visit Our Office for Diabetes Dental Health

It has been shown that diabetics who keep their condition under control have a better chance of combating infections than those whose health problems are poorly controlled. In addition to controlling the condition of diabetes, the importance of maintaining good oral health is essential. Meticulous brushing, flossing and possibly using different oral aids such as oral irrigators can help the gum tissue stay healthy. Whether you are suffering with diabetes or simply need routine oral care, we invite you to visit our office in Elgin, IL. We can be reached at 847-742-4214.

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