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Diabetes & Oral Health

Diabetes Type I and II affects 29 million or 9.3 percent of Americans. Type I diabetes occurs when the body doesn't make enough insulin, the hormone that carries sugar from the blood to the cells to create energy. A body with Type II Diabetes stops

Oral Care as You Age

From learning new hobbies, growing closer to family or simply taking things slowly, there are a lot of changes that come along as you age. Years may have passed, but your teeth still need the same care and attention they did when you were younger.

Less-Popular-But-Still-Effective Tooth Whitening Solutions

And there are more! If you missed the first two blogs on whitening solutions and how to determine which is best for you, visit and But for now, let’s talk about the least talked about whitening solutions: At-home-whiteners that use light and toothpaste. At-Home-Whiteners