When the last child of a family graduates from high school and moves out to become self-sufficient citizens of the world, many parents are at a loss for what to do. They’ve spent their entire lives catering to these other beings, running them to and from places, making sure they’ve had enough to eat or that they got their homework done, attending to their every need and whim as if their very lives depended on it. And we understand this, because we’re parents too. But while some parents choose to live for those weekends when their kids come home, we’ve decided to just live, period. Sure, we love when our children come home to visit, and we make it a point to get out to see them too, but when we’re not all together? We manage…

If you’re reading this and thinking, “No way! There is no way my life will ever be as complete without children in my house!” then you probably need a little help to stop feeling like an “empty-nester,” and to start feeling like that giggly, spontaneous couple in love again – you know, the couple you were BK (before kids).

Sometimes, the smallest changes can be that push you need – that something that reminds you that hey! You were your own person once, and you can be again! For many of our patients, that something is a simple teeth whitening.

Revamping your smile can help you see the young person you still are, and give you the confidence you need to pursue all those dreams you put on hold while raising a family. A whiter, brighter smile can help you live for you again.

While we strongly recommend that you get your teeth professionally whitened (check out our blog post, How to Find the Best Whitening Solution for YOUR Smile, to learn more about professional methods), we understand that sometimes this just isn’t possible. If it’s not something you can do right now, at-home methods are the next best thing.

However, just because at-home tooth whitening is common, it’s not always safe. All we ever hear about these at-home methods is that they work, but nobody every talks about the downsides. Well, because we want you to have a healthy, white smile, we will, but we’ll also give you tips on how to whiten your teeth in the safest possible manner…

The Draw Backs of At-Home Whitening and How to Minimize Risks

1.     If you aren’t careful, whitening bleach can cause gum irritation and major tooth sensitivity.

2.     To reduce sensitivity, choose a product that has a bleach concentration of no more than 10%.

3.     Whitening strips that fit more securely to your teeth reduce the risk of gum irritation exponentially.

4.     Whitening toothpaste is a viable option, so if you have time – and if your teeth aren’t badly stained – I’d recommend using this first.

5.     Always, always! read the instructions before you use a product.

I know what you may be thinking – safe tooth whitening? Is there really a danger in the process? The answer is yes, yes there is. In fact, we’ve seen cases of at-home tooth whitening gone so awry that extreme tooth damage occurred as a result. Of course, in these instances such extreme damage happened because there were untreated cavities or the beginning stages of gum disease to contend with, but even so – this goes to show you that you need to get a professional opinion before proceeding with at-home treatments. So, if you are uncertain about a problem with your teeth, don’t use any whitening products until you get the go-ahead from your dentist.

If you’re interested whitening your teeth, give us a call or stop by so we can recommend the best course of action for your particular situation. Visit https://dentalpassions.com/cosmetic-dentistry/ to see how we can best serve you.