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Empty Nesters, or a Couple Reborn?

When the last child of a family graduates from high school and moves out to become self-sufficient citizens of the world, many parents are at a loss for what to do. They’ve spent their entire lives catering to these other beings, running them to and from places, making sure they’ve had enough to eat or that they got their homework done, attending to their every need and whim as if their very...
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What do I do if I lost one or more teeth?

Losing a tooth is not only uncomfortable, but it’s embarrassing and a huge blow to the self-esteem. No matter how old one is, one is never prepared for the loss of a tooth! If you’re suffering from tooth loss, I understand your pain, but I am here to tell you that you are never beyond hope, and that there is always a solution. Aside from not replacing your tooth (which, in my mind, is never an...
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A Dentist You Can Trust

Did you ever used to play the game “Trust” as a kid? One person would let themselves fall backwards, while the other person caught them before they hit the ground. For the person falling, there’s always a feeling of unease until that second you feel yourself being caught safely. Here at our dental practice, you can take the plunge and we will be here to give you the sense of comfort, trust and...
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Dr. Holevas Shares His Knowledge Free of Charge

Mark your calendars for December 12th for Dr. Holevas’ program about Life Changing Dentistry. This is a great opportunity for you to meet Dr. Holevas and learn how you can restore a good night’s sleep, and how the health of your oral cavity affects the rest of your body. This is a free program that Dr. Holevas offers to the Elgin community. He is an expert on the oral/systemic link and can...
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Take Time To Interview Your New Dentist

Always take the time to interview a new dentist.  Here are some things you should consider when choosing a dentist.  Find out about advanced, hands-on training courses they have completed.  You want a dentist that has continuing education throughout their career.  This will ensure they are competent beyond dental school-mastering or specializing in one of the many disciplines in dentistry....
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The Loss of a Good Dental Foundation Can Lead to Future Problems

There are a lot of ways that you can lose a tooth, an accident, dental decay or genetics are all reasons why you may now have a missing piece in your smile. Sure, we all want an inviting and perfect smile and you may want to take care of the missing tooth to make yourself look and feel better. However, there are other reasons to fill that missing gap that are not about simply appearance. While...
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