The Best Professional Teeth Whitening in Elgin

Having bright, white teeth can boost your confidence and improve your smile. When you visit the dental clinic of Dr. Holevas in Elgin, IL, you can enhance your look faster than any makeover with the right professional teeth whitening treatments.

Professional teeth whitening takes as little as hour in our Eglin offices. We start by applying a rubber dam that protects your gums, and then apply a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide directly to the teeth. In most cases, we then use a handheld light to activate the bleaching solution so your results will come more quickly and last longer.

Depending on how much you want your teeth whitened and whether you have crowns, porcelain veneers or other cosmetic dental treatments, we will leave the bleach on for up to two hours. You can expect teeth that are between two and eight shades lighter in just one treatment. Contact us to see if this high-tech teeth whitening solution is right for you.

How long does professional teeth whitening last?

Results of professional teeth whitening vary, but our expert dental team in Elgin, IL, can ensure you get the best possible results. After just one treatment, your teeth may remain white and bright permanently. In other cases, whitening lasts up to a year and sometimes much longer.

Take-home teeth whitening trays created in our Elgin office can enhance your treatment. If you choose to use these trays, we will custom-fit them to your teeth during your visit. Then, we’ll send you home with high-powered gel and give you application instructions. While this option seems expensive upfront, the cost dwarfs the expense of purchasing multiple and often ineffective over-the-counter trays. If you use our professional teeth whitening trays, you can expect better and longer-lasting results than if you choose in-office whitening only.

What is follow-up care for teeth whitening?

The things you eat, whether you smoke and how you care for your smile will also affect how long your professional teeth whitening lasts. If you drink coffee regularly, for example, your teeth will darken rather quickly. However, you can try using a straw for dark liquids to mitigate this effect. We also recommend avoiding soy sauce, mustard, ketchup, dark tea, red sauce, cola and red wine. This is particularly important in the first few weeks after your teeth whitening procedure. It’s also imperative to brush and floss at least twice daily. Be sure to ask our teeth whitening team in the Elgin office any specific questions you have about your follow-up regimen.

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