Affordable Dental Implants near Carpentersville, IL

Leaving missing teeth untreated can create further issues with tooth spacing, eating and gum disease. However treating lost or damaged teeth doesn’t have to be a pain and you don’t have to result to clunky, uncomfortable traditional dentures. Just a short drive from Carpentersville, IL, you can get your confidence back with dental implants from our Elgin, IL office.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants act as a prosthetic tooth by anchoring into your jawbone with an attachment outside of your gums that allows a crown or bridge to attach. The anchor is made of titanium, a material widely used for surgical application. The staff at William J Holevas DDS near Carpentersville can replace one or more teeth with implants to leave you a natural-looking smile.

Why get Dental Implants?

If you’re missing multiple teeth, dental implants are a great alternative to uncomfortable dentures. Replacing any missing or damaged teeth also makes speaking, eating and smiling much easier. The process may sound complex, but recovery time is quick and leaves you with a beautiful smile without the need for adhesives or extra care.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

If you need to replace a smaller tooth or one in a crowded area, mini dental implants are a good option. Much like regular dental implants, minis anchor into your jaw with a titanium post while the visible crown sits on top of it. These implants are about half the size of a regular implant, making them about as wide as a tooth pick. These are also a much more affordable option and a great choice if you have any bone loss in your jaw.

Call Us Today to Learn More

With a world-class clinic close to Carpentersville, the office of William J Holevas DDS can take care of any implant needs you have. If you’re healthy enough to undergo oral surgery, you’re probably a great candidate for dental implants. Call us today at (847) 742-4214 with any questions you may have about regular or mini dental implants. We’ll give you something to smile about!

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