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Family-Focused Dentistry in Elgin, Illinois

When you visit the office of William J. Holevas we guarantee that you will receive the best pediatric and family dental work in Elgin, Illinois. Whether you are seven-years-old or 70-years-old, our compassionate staff is committed to making all patients feel relaxed and secure during their dental appointment. As an all-inclusive family dental practice, we offer all the typical procedures of a general dentist like cleanings, checkups, root canal therapy and tooth fillings.

Dental Services at William J. Holevas Family Dental

We're here to provide your whole family with dental services.

If you and your family need dental examinations or other services in Elgin, Illinois, Dr. William J. Holevas is ready to help. The skillful dentists and staff at William J. Holevas D.D.S. LTD will ensure that your appointment is seamless and pain-free.

The dental services we offer to all patients consist of:

Dental Emergencies

It is most common for dental injuries to occur in children and toddlers; however, these problems do sometimes happen to adults. Accident dentistry can be necessary if you have severe pain or have had an injury.

Dental Extractions

It may be become necessary to have your teeth pulled in specific situations for the benefit of your oral and overall health.

Dental Implants

When you are missing a tooth but want to dodge dental bridges, contemplate dental implants. These use titanium to attach exactly to the jaw bone. These implants are looked at as a stable fix.

Dental Restorations

It may become necessary for you to receive dental restorations in the form of cavity filling, crown placement, bridges, and root canals abstractions. We also offer curative implants and veneers in our Elgin, Illinois offices.

Pediatric Dentistry

The experienced at our office staff is great with children and we are committed to making brushing and flossing fun for them. We give special attention to preventive care, along with performing all-inclusive oral health checkups, analyzing orthodontic concerns, outlining tooth and jaw development, and administering topical fluoride and sealants.

Root Canals

These can become essential when you have an abscess, tooth pain from heat or cold, debilitating tooth pain, rawness and inflammation or sensitivity that causes difficulty when eating or speaking. During these processes in our Elgin, Illinois offices, we will take out soft tissue, nerves, bacteria and decay and then fill the space with medicinal dental materials. Often, without this procedure, tooth removal would be necessary. This procedure is often a lasting resolution.

Routine Dental Care

This involve six-month inspections, teeth polishing and radiographs and, if necessary, periodontal cleanings and examinations of tooth disintegration and repairs, oral cancer screening, and oral hygiene recommendations.

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For the citizens of Elgin, Illinois, Dr. William J. Holevas can assist you with all of your cosmetic, general, and remedial dental needs. To make an appointment or receive more information, call our office today.