Tooth Decay: Largest Health Problem on a Global Scale

A new study shows that tooth decay is one of the biggest health problems on the globe. According to this study, 3.9 billion people face problems stemming from untreated tooth decay and cavities. That’s over half of the world’s population! Tooth decay competed with 290 other ailments in this study and came out the “winner”.

The leader of this report, Professor Wagner Marcenes of the University of London, said “There are close to 4 billion people in the world who suffer from untreated oral health conditions that cause toothache and prevent them from eating and possibly sleeping properly, which is a disability.This total does not even include small cavities or mild gum diseases, so we are facing serious problems in the population’s oral health.”

The study also revealed that oral health problems have shifted since 1990. The biggest problem was formerly severe tooth loss, but is now severe periodontitis. This problem has increased 20% between 1990 and 2010. The shift is apparently due to population growth and an aging population. Get educated. Read more about the report in this article from Science Daily: