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Something’s Grinding While You’re Sleeping

If you wake up in the night with a headache or sore jaw, it may mean you are grinding your teeth while slumbering. Teeth grinding is a common issue, also known as bruxism. Most of the time, especially in children, it is a phase that will be outgrown. As an adult however, there may be some concerns if left untreated. Severe cases can leave teeth worn down to mere stubs. Bruxism has even been tied...
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A Dentist You Can Trust

Did you ever used to play the game “Trust” as a kid? One person would let themselves fall backwards, while the other person caught them before they hit the ground. For the person falling, there’s always a feeling of unease until that second you feel yourself being caught safely. Here at our dental practice, you can take the plunge and we will be here to give you the sense of comfort, trust and...
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The Loss of a Good Dental Foundation Can Lead to Future Problems

There are a lot of ways that you can lose a tooth, an accident, dental decay or genetics are all reasons why you may now have a missing piece in your smile. Sure, we all want an inviting and perfect smile and you may want to take care of the missing tooth to make yourself look and feel better. However, there are other reasons to fill that missing gap that are not about simply appearance. While...
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