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Science Investigates Link Between Oral Health and Other Ailments

The fields of science and dentistry are now accumulating enough data to support the theory of a link between oral health and cardiovascular disease. Several other studies indicate a link between periodontal disease and heart attack and stroke. The exact cause or basis of this link is not certain yet, but it is suspected to be plaque build up under the gums. The chronic inflammation that results can then stress the entire system.

However, other scientists think the link is invalid. They believe that unhealthy conditions in the body often result from lifestyle choices such as smoking, diet, and alcohol, and affect multiple parts of the body negatively, so one symptom isn’t really causing the others.

Periodontal disease is one of the most common chronic infectious diseases in the world. Bacteria are normal inhabitants in humans, and the majority of them are harmless or even beneficial in keeping the overall system in balance. A small number of species however, can cause a shift from healthy to destructive when they are able to achieve large numbers in localized areas of the teeth and gums. At any rate it is important to do our best as dentists to relieve inflammation. We do this by removing plaque and encouraging the patient to make healthy lifestyle choices. Call today to get on track to a healthier mouth, body, and life: