The Link Between Oral Health and Common Diseases.

The link between oral health and physical health has been well established. Researchers are discovering possible links between gum disease and a list of chronic illnesses from blood clots to heart attacks and arthritis. The connection between oral health and diabetes is well established. There may also exist possible links between gum disease and pregnancy issues like premature birth. But does oral health also affect you psychologically? We believe it does.

Your smile is one of your greatest social tools. It communicates. It smiles and shows other emotions. But when you have “bad” teeth you may feel self-conscious in social settings. If you are worried about how your teeth and smile look it is difficult to feel confident. This can affect your self esteem. We often sense our new patients are embarrassed about their teeth. But we want you to know you are in the right place! This is what we do and we can help you.

We handle all kinds of patients who end up feeling great about their smile and themselves. Learn more about how we can help.