It’s time for spring cleaning! For your Mouth? Yes!

When you don’t set aside time to address the upkeep in your house and you let it go for too long, things can go terribly wrong with the foundation. The same problem can occur for your oral and general health when you do not take the time to care for your overall health. Unfortunately, letting time pass and ignoring your dental health can happen too often.

You forget to come in for routine cleanings. You lose a tooth and just get used to having the empty space not realizing the problems it may cause you in the future. You ignore leaky fillings and end up needing a root canal because you have allowed them to deteriorate. You need to make sure that you don’t let things get to the point where you let your oral health decline to the point where it requires more costly and difficult procedures to set yourself right in the future.

Remember that the foundation of your mouth are your gum. Before you can take care of the teeth you need to take care of the gums. How often do you check your home to see what’s leaking? You should check your mouth for problems as well. Don’t put off taking care of the foundation of your health. Set up your regular dental appointments and make sure you discuss with your dentist any concerns you have.