There is nothing worse than loose dentures! Loose dentures are uncomfortable, painful and just plain embarrassing! When dentures are loose, they slip around in the mouth, cause sore spots and make an embarrassing “clacking” noise that everyone can hear. They make it difficult to eat, drink and even talk.

If you suffer from loose dentures and you’re like most people, then you will probably agree with the belief that having no teeth at all would be better than having loose dentures.

But are those your only two options—no teeth or loose dentures? No! There are several other options, and not all of them are expensive. If you’re worried about cost, we have just the solution for you…

Mini dental implants are an inexpensive and effective way to secure your “teeth” and get back to living – and eating – comfortably once again.

If you are tired of dealing with loose dentures – if you’re sick of the pain, embarrassment and discomfort that they’ve caused you over the years – MDIs are your ticket to a better, more comfortable, more youthful smile. To learn more about MDIs, give us a call at 847-742-4214 to schedule your initial consultation or visit to reserve your appointment online.