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How to Increase Your Comfort When Going to the Dentist

Some people are uncomfortable going to the dentist and at times, that discomfort can lead to them avoiding getting regular exams or even having specific dental problems looked at. If fear or discomfort is keeping you away, then it is harming your oral health and your beautiful smile. Don’t let this happen to you. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to avoid dental care, there are steps you can take to increase your comfort level and help reduce your fear.

Number One:  Build a Relationship With Your Dentist

  • Feeling comfortable with your dentist and their team is a great way to increase your comfort levels. Building a trusting relationship with your dentist makes your exams less impersonal and will help you feel relaxed. You may even feel like you are going to visit a good friend every time you make an appointment.
  • Getting to know your dentist can also include better understanding their credentials, their schooling and their skill level. Knowing their abilities, experience and talents in dentistry can help calm you by giving you the knowledge that you are in good hands. Your teeth are important, so of course you should want to work with a dental team that you feel will provide you with the best care possible.
  • Building a relationship with your dentist also allows them to get to know you and helps them understand your feelings regarding your dental exams. This allows them to adjust your treatment to increase your comfort and ease any fears. For example: If you have a tendency to feel claustrophobic in the dental chair while having your teeth worked on, a great dentist who knows you will be able to understand and work with you on providing solutions.

Number Two: Communicate Your Concerns

  • Having good communication with your dental team is strongly related to building a trusting relationship. By openly letting your dentist know what your concerns are, your past experiences that affect you, and any fears you have, you give them the chance to understand and to offer you solutions. Having this conversation before your dentist begins treatment is best, since this gives them time to give you solutions and you time to consider how you feel about working with them. If, after you have talked with them, you find that they make you feel uncomfortable, ignore your concerns, are not open to answering your questions, or do not seem qualified for your needs, then you probably will want to interview another dentist. Allowing yourself the ability to interview, communicate with, and knowledgeably choose your dentist will make you feel more comfortable when sitting down for a treatment.
  • Another way to increase your ability to communicate with your dentist is to create non-verbal signals with them before treatment. Having these signals allows you to communicate with them during procedures when your ability to speak verbally is difficult. You can create signals that let them know that you are having pain, if you need a bit of a break, or if you have any other kind of discomfort. Having these signals is not only convenient, but it also tends to reduce your own anxiety levels because it empowers you with some direct control over your dental experience.

Number Three:  Increase Your Knowledge About Modern Dentistry

  • If it has been awhile since your last dental visit, then you may not understand just how far modern dentistry has come. Knowing that advances in the industry have made dental procedures more comfortable and effective can help you feel more relaxed. If your discomfort is based on a fear of pain, then you should know that anesthesia and pain medication is more effective today than it used to be.
  • Learning more about modern dentistry may also help you feel more excited about receiving dental care. There are more options and procedures available now to help fix dental problems. If you have something about your teeth that you are not happy with, you may be surprised by the advanced techniques available that can help you.

Now that you have three good methods that can help you empower yourself and reduce your anxiety and fear about going to the dentist, make an appointment today. Remember, ignoring your dental problems will only make them worse. Don’t let your fears and feelings of discomfort jeopardize your health. Take the first step towards better oral health with a painless and completely free conversation with Dr. Holevas. See