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No Need to Worry About “so bad” Teeth

Sometimes people feel insecure about going to the dentist because they think their teeth are “so bad.” Maybe they haven’t cared for their oral health the way they should and they feel a bit ashamed about the state of their teeth now. But here’s the thing, I’ve already seen it all when it comes to oral health. Others with mouths just like yours and probably worse have already been in to see me. I’ve taken my time to build a comfortable relationship with each patient so they no longer feel self-conscious. I can do the same with you. It’s all about creating a solid bond of understanding with each other before the dental work begins.

No matter how “bad” your teeth are, I am certain we can construct a treatment plan that will get you to your goals. It all starts with a simple phone call to our office which leads to an initial consultation where we chat and get to know each other. I believe that once we are comfortable with and know each other, we can create a winning solution for your smile! The first step is up to you. Call me today, 847-742-4214 and learn more about your first visit here: