We all start out innocent. Maybe we learn fear from our parents. Maybe we have a bad experience in the dental chair which we are afraid to relive. Whatever, your reason, if you experience agitation about going to the dentist, you are rather normal! Millions of others just like you live with dental phobia. For some people, the idea of having someone look closely at their teeth keeps them up at night. For others, the thought of pain weighs them down like a 1000 pound weight. Others fear they won’t be able to breathe and the thought terrifies them.

You may be relieved to hear what I’m about to tell you. First, your fear is real. You are not alone. Second, there is a reason for your fear and you have the right to receive comfortable and safe dental care.

Now that you feel validated, it’s time to take the step and visit a dentist you can trust. The best way to avoid invasive procedures is to have your teeth and gums checked regularly.

Technology has come a long way. You’ll be glad to know a root canal today is easier and less painful than it was 30 years ago. Technology has created big strides in treatment which allows for a painless and comfortable experience no matter what you are being treated for.

Still feeling concerned? That’s okay. Here are some helpful tips to overcome your fear of the dentist: http://www.dentalfearcentral.org/fears/