Can Milk Protect Teeth From Sugary Cereals?

Before you take another bite of Trix or Captain Crunch, hear this! A new report suggests that drinking a glass of milk after eating sweet cereals may help prevent cavities and slow down the rate of damage to tooth enamel.

Sugar enhanced cereals combine refined sugar and starch. This is a recipe for the harmful bacteria that produces acids which attack the enamel. In this recent study, participants first ate Fruit Loops, then were asked to drink different beverages afterwards. The beverages being tested were milk, water, and apple juice. Acidity in the mouth was then measured at two and five minutes after eating, and then two to 30 minutes after drinking the liquid. Participants who drank the milk showed the highest pH rise inside the mouth. This means that milk was able to reduce the acidity better than other beverages. So, go pour yourself a tall glass of milk and read more about this study: