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Can Replacement Teeth Be Grown?

Dentistry is a field that sees a lot of scientific advancement. It is always exciting to see what’s in the works in science labs. Researchers in England are working on a method that grows new tooth material from a person’s gum cells. They have combined human gum cells with embryonic mouse cells to grow new teeth. If this research continues to fruition, these bioengineered teeth would be able to preserve the integrity of the jaw bone and surrounding tissue better than our current implants can.

As with any cutting edge technology, finding the right resources can prove challenging. In this case the next step is to find a source of suitable cells that would make this method clinically realistic. To quote a recent article:

“What is required is the identification of adult sources of human epithelial and mesenchymal cells that can be obtained in sufficient numbers to make biotooth formation a viable alternative to dental implants.”

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