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Family Dentistry for Carpentersville, IL

Finding a new dentist can be a daunting task. There are several items to think over as you search for a dental office that accommodates your whole family. The office of William J. Holevas D.D.S. provides dental care to the families of Carpentersville, IL. Our patients range in age with different kinds of dental needs. Our staff of dental professionals will educate your entire family about the efficacy of good oral health habits and continually promote the best methods of oral hygiene to ensure their teeth last a lifetime.

Appropriate dental care is reliant on preventative care first. Cavity prevention is always better than filling a cavity. Our dental hygienists teach the correct way to floss and brush your teeth and include instruction on the benefits of mouthwash. Even with top-notch care, some dental issues cannot be prevented with brushing and flossing. Genetics play a large part in a person’s dental care and can affect a wide variety of problems regarding your mouth and teeth.

Our Dental Services

Combining in-office visits with excellent home dental care is crucial for ensuring your family has the best oral health it can. We recommend regularly scheduled checkups, cleanings and any procedures that are needed, so you know your teeth are taken care of correctly. Dr. Holevas’s methods partnered with new technologies provide you with a robust array of dental services for your entire family. Our state-of-the-art facility allows you to have every procedure you may need taken care of in-house. It is an excellent benefit to have one dentist, who is familiar with your whole family’s oral history.

Emergency Dental:

Dental accidents happen when you least expect them. And with a family, you are bound to face several. Regardless of who in your family has an emergency, we can help!


It can be necessary to have a tooth or several teeth extracted in any number of situations. Dr. Holevas provides teeth extractions and can follow up with implants, bridges or another dental stand-in.

Dental Implants:

Implants are a great alternative to having a dental bridge installed after a tooth extraction. Dental implants are titanium studs embedded straight to the jaw bone with a replicated tooth that matches your permanent teeth affixed to the stud. Dental implants are a permanent fix to missing teeth.

Dental Restorations:

Procedures like cavity fillings, crowns, bridges and root canals, along with healing implants and veneers are all forms of dental restorations. All are available in our family dental clinic near Carpentersville.

Pediatric Dentistry:

Preventative oral care for children is given special attention at the offices of William J. Holevas D.D.S., LTD. Our staff has a kid-friendly approach to dentistry and are committed to teaching the correct way of brushing and flossing to your family. We suggest scheduling complete oral health checkups, reviewing orthodontic issues, evaluating tooth and jaw development, and administering topical fluoride and sealants to help keep your kid’s teeth healthy and in top-notch condition.

Root Canals:

Root canals are necessary in certain situations. These situations include abscesses, tooth pain and sensitivity related to temperatures, irritation and tenderness. Root canals are typically required as it becomes problematic when speaking or eating. We will take out pulp, nerves, bacteria and corrosion and then fill the space with antiseptic dental materials during our root canal procedure. Often, without this procedure, tooth removal would be necessary.

Choose Our Office

Finding a dentist in Carpentersville, who you can trust with your entire family’s oral health, is easy when you choose Dr. William J. Holevas D.D.S. Our team works with all our patients to build relationships and foster an environment of peace and trust. We explain each procedure step by step if need be to promote a relaxing visit to the dentist’s chair. Our entire staff receives the extra training needed to work with our smallest patients.

You can find us at 847-742-4214 to schedule an appointment.