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We believe a healthy you starts with your whole mouth (not just your teeth), and that without a healthy mouth the rest of your body will suffer. Your body is a system of systems, delicately and intricately linked. We pay attention to several of these systems to ensure that you get not only great dental care, but great oral and systemic care. Talk to Dr. Holevas and his team and learn how to properly take care of your teeth and gums!

Did you know that certain conditions or issues with your teeth and mouth can lead to serious illnesses like oral cancer, diabetes, and vascular complications? Dr. Holevas and his team can help you take care of your overall health – starting with your teeth but branching out as necessary – during your regular visits that should take place at least twice a year.

Our office works with the world renowned Cleveland Clinics Wellness Institute to give our patients access to online programs that help them combat the causes – not just the symptoms – of poor nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, and smoking – at a reduced rate that is easily affordable for most patients. We know that our patients’ immune systems suffer as a result of these problems, making it difficult to manage the bad bacteria causing disease in the mouth.

These Cleveland Wellness Clinic programs help patients manage their health through information, education, exercises, and activities:

Stress Free Now

Mindfulness meditation is the basis of this clinically developed six-week program. Patients learn a straightforward approach to managing their reactions to stress, building resilience in all aspects of their lives and reducing risks of stress-related diseases.

GO!® Foods for You

Based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, this program helps participants feel better, lose weight and become healthier. As they learn how to cook and enjoy food the Mediterranean way, patients’ change what and how they eat.

GO!® to Sleep

Studies show that lack of quality sleep impedes our ability to manage weight, emotions and life. This six week program follows a treatment plan similar to those used in top sleep clinics. Patients learn what to avoid and what to do for optimal sleep.

Enforcer eCoaching Program

Provide one-on-one expert coaching to patients anywhere in the world through personalized, simple, targeted daily email-driven communication. It helps them experience optimal health through increased physical activity, better food choices, successful stress management and tobacco cessation.

Emergency Service 24/7

The office of Dr. Holevas available to you in any dental emergency including toothache, broken tooth, and mouth injury. Call (847) 742-4214, dial 30 and Dr. Holevas will be paged immediately.